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Mother with young by writing and/or drawing.


DISCLAIMER: Tom Willim is quite proud of his title as a PA-C, and identifies himself as such. His patients invariably refer to him as “Dr. Tom” or “Dr. Willim”. Tom does not represent himself as a medical doctor.
"I started seeing Dr. Willim over two years ago as a longtime allergy sufferer. I was initially skeptical about the allergy drop treatment, but decided to give it a try as I had severe congestion. I felt a marked improvement of my symptoms within the first two weeks of the treatment and have continued the treatment on the advice of Dr. Willim. He is a caring professional who takes ample time with a patient, and nothing gives him more satisfaction than seeing his patients condition improve and the allergy symptoms disappear as the treatment progresses. My sinus and nasal cavities are clear, my breathing is free, and I feel more energetic period I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Dr. Willim and his therapy.patients of all ages". ...Uwe S.
"I saw Dr. Willim At the recommendation of my primary care physician. Dr. Willim This is the first physician to identify a lasting solution to my persistent and severe eczema. I had allergies as a child that were solved by a long series of shots over years. The eczema developed in my late 20’s and have persisted through my 40’s off and on. I had issues on my fingers, hands, eyelids, torso and legs. Dr. Willim’s sublingual drops in a matter of six months got rid of the trunk and leg issues. The eyelid issue is almost completely gone. My hands and fingers are in so much better shape. The recovery isn't always in a straight line as I hadn't always taken the drops as faithfully as I should have. I noticed a return of symptoms when I lapse in taking them. The overall result is a steady improvement though. I can use my hands most of the time without issues. I can touch water without feeling sharp pains like I am being stabbed.

This is nothing short of miraculous and a huge improvement in my life. While it took a couple months to see improvement what is 2 to three years of daily drops under your tongue when measured against over 20 years of suffering? I don't have to use steroid creams or other prescription products anymore. I am slowly teaching my immune system that things are OK and they can leave my skin alone. I am confident that this will be all resolved within another year of diligent attention. I give my undying thanks to Dr. Willim and Dr. Robert Bloomberg, my PCP, for recommending him
to me!"
...Terry W.
"These allergy drops (yes drops, NO SHOTS!!) Have been life changing for my 4 year old.  She has suffered from allergies and eczema since she was a baby. Since starting treatment only a few months ago, her eczema is almost completely cleared up, no more itchy, watery eyes or random hives, and it seems like my baby girl can breathe better thanks to clearer sinuses! I can't say enough great things about Tom and the work he's doing to help people feel better and live more fulfilling lives. He really takes the time to explain everything and answer questions. You can tell he truly cares about what he's doing. He's who you need to see if you have allergies"! ...Taylor A.
"I have had lifelong allergies and asthma and had received injection immunotherapy for 20 years with mediocre benefit. As a physician myself, I would rate my asthma and allergies as moderate until 2020. In that year I had significant worsening of both. I had to use oral steroids, stronger inhalers, more eye drops, nasal sprays and antihistamines than ever.

On numerous occasions my asthma required trips to the emergency room for IV steroids to stabilize my symptoms. I was concerned that I might become steroid dependent. My PCP recommended that I see Tom. I have had significant improvement in both asthma and allergy symptoms in only a few months of treatment. I'm very grateful to Tom for his expertise and the resultant improvement in my quality of life. I highly recommend him"!
...Robert G., M.D.
"Doctor Willim is not only passionate about his work, but he's passionate about the well-being of his clients. I've never had a doctor advocate for me and put as much effort into providing me with what I needed so that I can be as healthy and happy as possible. I highly recommend the work he does as well as him as a medical provider". ...Mike H.
"I wore a “handkerchief’ over my face from the age of 6 to 12. I've had severe allergies my entire life and always said that when I died, my headstone would say “YAY… NO MORE SINUS ISSUES!” I woke with headaches every day, upon doctor’s request, we pitched our carpet, our pillows, comforters, and anything with “filling”. When three friends all told me of Dr. Willim over and over  AGAIN… I was skeptical, as I am 64 and had gone with zero relief. I finally heeded their advice.  I have now been doing the drops now for one year and three days and have had no signs of any allergy symptoms, no longer take antibiotics, my headaches are gone, no sinus pressure, no stuffy nose, no watery eyes… I am 100% now and truly blessed for friends who discovered this amazing doctor and these drops! I can golf, go on hayrides, hikes, bike rides…I feel like I've lived my life in discomfort until now!" ...Tami S.
"I saw Thomas Willim at the recommendation of my Internal Medicine doctor. I suffered from frequent sinus infections and had issues with eczema. After starting the allergy drops my sciences are clearer than that any other time in my life. No more eczema issues and no seasonal allergy issues. I recommend Willim’s treatment of allergies". ...Keith J.
"I've had allergies for years period my work schedule, along with two young kids doesn't work well for weekly allergy shots. The allergy testing process and at home allergy drops is fabulous!!! I noticed an improvement within two weeks and now have complete symptom relief". ...Cynthia W.
"I developed severe eczema and adulthood. It covered my arms legs and back. It itched, oozed, bled and was unbearably sensitive. I would stand in the shower and cry it was so painful. It was also embarrassing and I was constantly trying to conceal the rash even wearing long sleeves in the hot Arizona summers. I was totally dressing around it. I hid everything I could. I had sought the help from numerous dermatologists who performed a few skin biopsies and prescribed me potent topical steroid creams. After years without progress my dermatologist gave up on me. A co-worker recommended that I see Thomas Willim, PA-C, who started me on sublingual serum drops. Within a few months, the rash started to clear up. Three years later I am cured and remain free of the disfiguring eczema". ...Linda N.
"I have been fighting sinus infections ( three to four times a year) For 20 plus years. I've been concerned about antibiotic toxicity (with overuse), and I've seen so many allergy doctors, as well as numerous naturopaths. I tried so many seasonal slash geographical medications and oils and drops as potential allergy treatments, but I've thrown those all away. Dr. Willim has amazed me with his approach. Easy titration with his allergy drops and easy explanations. I'm a very tough case, and with only a slight modification to his typical protocol, I'm a new person! I can breathe! I can sleep!" ...Jennifer H.
"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND To everyone with allergies!!!
Shots didn't work for me. These drops are working great!! Plus, Thomas Willim is the nicest man who is a pleasure to see".
...Susan T.
"My allergies have almost completely gone away! This is the first year I am not dying!! Love these drops!!! I had seasonal allergies that had progressively grown worse over the last several years. Thomas was recommended by my PCP and I have had great results! I am once again breathing easily through both sides of my nose!" ...Tiffany W.
"It's simple. If you don't want allergies anymore, go see Tom Willim. No shots, just drops. My daughter and I both do them and are both allergy free. My daughter’s were worse than mine, so it's been quite the miracle!" ...Kristi C.
"Have you spent too many allergy seasons drowning in your mucus with a scratchy throat and swollen eyes till you can't function? See Dr. Willim! His sublingual allergy drops were an immediate game changer for me! He is thorough in explaining his treatment plan and he is great about virtual follow up appointments. My insurance did not cover it, but i decided to try it at my own expense to see if it worked. I'm halfway through the treatment plan and I haven't had any allergy issues since two months after I started them. Totally worth it!" ...Chris M.
"Tom William is very knowledgeable about what causes one to have allergy problems and how to treat the symptoms. I have had troubling allergy problems, especially since moving to Arizona 15 years ago, and was quite miserable with trying to cope with my symptoms. I have seen tom now for about two years period he immediately tested me and then suggested a regiment of serum drops to help me with my symptoms. He was quite patient through the whole process of working with me to see what I needed. His expertise in prescribing the drops is second to none. He has helped me a great deal so that I no longer have allergy problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a caring and knowledgeable professional that has allergy problems". ...Pat B.
"Dr. Willim’s help changed my life I used to suffer from severe seasonal allergies and certain tasks like yard work would lead me down for the count for a day, minimum. Now I can dig up an entire path of Bermuda grass (one of my worst allergens) without so much as a sniffle. I can't remember the last time I had an allergy attack, whereas it used to be a regular occurrence.

I had never heard of sublingual allergy drops before seeing Dr. Willim And with my job and busy schedule there is no possible way I could have come into an office regularly enough to receive allergy shots. I had assumed that my allergies were simply a fact of life that I would have to suffer through. The ability to buy a bottle and administer the drops at home was a HUGE game changer for me.

If allergies are making you suffer see this man, it will change your life".
...Nicole T.
"I started with Dr. Willim on a referral from my Ophthalmologist last January for chronic allergies and red, itchy eyes! I have been to a number of doctors in the past 25 years and not one has been able to even reduce my symptoms and sinus infections at any time of the year. My latest doctor had me on Flonase and a prescription of azelastine. I was using these as many as twice a day for the last four years without benefit.

Since January I started this sublingual drop regimen and within three weeks I was down to using both nasal sprays only once a week. Fast forward to March and I am now allergy free!

I would highly recommend that you see Dr. Willim to take care of your allergies"!
...Bob L.
"Dr. Willim has gone above and beyond in his treatment of my allergies. I was referred to Dr. Willim in 2017 at the advice of my professional ballclub, after years of using pills, eye drops, nose sprays and shots to combat my allergies. He showed me the success of the allergy drops and convinced me that this was the best way to go. The successes of the drops he prescribed had me excited but skeptical at first period I'm glad I gave them a try.

Since first seeing Dr. Willim I have noticed a significant difference in my allergies. I breathe much more easily and efficiently and feel more well rested after a full night's sleep without the congestion from allergies. He has made the process informative and easy, checking in with me to see how my allergies were progressing and making sure I had a refill when that time came. I would highly recommend Dr. Willim if you are interested in getting on the path to curing your allergies".
...Daniel D.
"Thomas Willim came highly recommended from a good friend who plays for the Dbacks. He experienced great relief with times amazingly effective under the tongue allergy drops, so I figured I'd give them a try. I'd previously had sinus infections monthly for years not improved to three years of allergy shots and meds. Within six weeks on the drops my nasal passages we're wide open and I've now gone almost a year without getting a sinus infection. His reputation is well deserved and if you have problems with allergies or asthma he's the man to see!" ...John B.
"Dr. Willim is the expert when it comes to not only getting your allergies under control, but in my case never having them again! I suffered my entire life with allergies until I followed the easy step by step instructions on using the allergy drops from Dr. Willim.

I highly recommend that you see him! Thank you Dr. Willim!"
...Mike B.
"I first met Dr. Willim a couple days after being released from the hospital for yet another three or four day inpatient stay due to my extremely severe asthma. I have been in the hospital over 200 times in my life for asthma half of them for ER visits and the other half for inpatient stays ranging from three to six days. I had been intubated seven times in my life.

I had wheezed every day of my life, some just worse than others. I was on a daily regimen of 8 medications, which included 4 inhalers, an antihistamine, a nasal spray, Singulair, an oral steroid (prednisone) and breathing treatments 2-3 times daily. After a month I was only on three of the meds and after two months- ZERO! I believe he was sent from the Lord above to help me get rid of my curse of asthma that no other doctor had been able to help me.

He said I was the worst asthmatic that he had seen in his career. He was quite simply, the best Healer that I had ever seen in my life.
God blessed me with him and his allergy drops!"
...Tracy S.